The Fundación Colegios Mayores MAEC-AECID (FCM MAEC-AECID) is a non profit entity, promoted and supported by the International Agency for Cooperation and Development of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.

Its purposes are to be a residence hall and to provide a cultural environment to those students pursuing bachelor, master and doctorate degrees, as well as accommodating professors and researches from other countries associated with Spain for cultural, artistic, scientific and cooperation relations.

To that end the Fundación Colegios Mayores, has two student’s residences located in the Ciudad Universataria in Madrid, namely COLEGIO MAYOR GUADALUPE and  COLEGIO MAYOR ÁFRICA.

The Fundacion is also responsible of the organization of numerous activities such as conferences, seminars, and elective courses. There are rooms available to accommodate students enrolled in free elective subjects taught by any university college.

There are also training courses available for the Diplomatic Career State Exam. The Fundacion has also agreements and collaborates with several universities, foundations, institutions and companies to achieve the described purposes.


The Residence Halls of the Fundación offer 350 rooms, and its facilities and modern equipments are used by residents and, public and private institutions rent them  for holding conferences, seminars business meetings and other events.